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Super8CX is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on motocross to all our readers. Due to our dedication towards motocross fans, we frequently require more writers to assist in writing exciting and factual articles on the state of motocross in the USA.

With so many events, championships, and teams in motocross, we need to constantly release newly updated and newly written articles.

Motocross stands as an essential sport throughout American history. The extreme sport has been operating since the 1960s and stands as one of the most-watched extreme sports in the world.

With fans keeping a close eye on results, events, championships, gear, and riders, we try our best only to release up-to-date and dependable information.

Writing for us will allow you to spread your passion for motocross to a broad audience of fans. Our readers are set in diverse audiences, including pro riders, amateur riders, fans, and those interested in learning more about the sport.

What you Will Need to Write About

You will need to cover a wide variety of topics of motocross, including upcoming events, competition and championship scores, riders, their sponsorships, motorcycles, how to train for motocross comps, and more.

Due to our readers being indifferent audiences wanting different topics, you will need to cover articles on all aspects of motocross from the rider’s and audience’s point of view.

With sponsorships and brands playing a pivotal role in championships and gear, you will need to provide vital information on the role of brands in the sport and how sponsorships can be applied in the amateur sections.


Requirements - Write For Us

For us to consider taking you on as a writer, you will need to prove your skills in writing and your knowledge of motocross. You will need to have a vast knowledge of the English language and write exciting and factual posts.

For more information on how to join our team of writers, visit our contact page.