Motor Cross Clubs

Most Popular Motor Cross Club Tracks in the USA

Motocross stands as one of the most exciting and thrilling sports in the world. With many professional riders, some amateurs can travel through America and enjoy some of the best motocross tracks in the world.

The tracks on this list are available for riders worldwide to enjoy these thrilling tracks with high jumps.

RedBud MX – Michigan

RedBud MX is a legend among motocross tracks. Its legendary status draws professional motocross riders from all over the world. It is one of the most extensive motocross tracks in the Midwest.

Riding this track becomes even more exciting with the 37m jump, the longest jump on the MX Circuit.

With the track’s exciting popularity, it receives over 30000 motocross fans from all over the world each 4th of July weekend.

Orleans Arena – Las Vegas

The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas is a 9500-seat arena and has staged many events for the Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS Series championships. It is a unique track with tar road, logs, dirt, indoor and outdoor sections, and even a pavement section in the parking lot.

As this is a multipurpose arena, it’s not always possible to join in on the thrills, but the hall frequently sets up as a motocross track and hosts some of the most extraordinary motocross events.

WW Ranch Motocross Park – Florida

The WW Ranch Motocross Park in Florida has hosted some of the most popular events in motocross, including the Annual Florida National and the AM Fastest in Florida State Championships.

The track’s mix of clay, sand and loamy soil can cause many problems and make things a tad more exciting for motocross riders to get a thrilling ride in.

Spring Creek MX Park – Minnesota

Spring Creek MX Park in Millville in Minnesota has been operating since 1967 as a host of Hillclimb events. The first motocross event for the park was set in 1982, known as the AMA Trans-AMA event series.

Visiting the track is exciting because visitors can see the Pit Stop Commons area and watch the races.

The tracks on this article can either be visited to watch events or to take part in track days to explore some of the most thrilling jumps and trails.