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Motocross Championship Events

The USA hosts some of the most exciting motocross championship events in the world. With this article, you will learn about all the most thrilling championships, when they are held, where, and what makes them legendary.

Here are the most exciting championship events in motocross held each year.

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series

The AMA Pro Racing sanctions the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. The championship features the world’s fastest professional motocross racers competing with state-of-the-art motorcycles on the most challenging racetracks in the world.

This championship is seen as the world’s premier professional motocross championship. The events are all conducted on natural terrain courses with obstacles including jumps, hills, berms, mud, and more. The Lucas Oil Championship stands as the pinnacle of motocross as an extremely competitive sport.

FIM Motocross World Championships

The FIM Motocross World Championship is the premier championship of motocross racing. The series is distinguished into two distinct classes, namely MXGP and MX2. The event has been hosted in various countries.

The championship was formed in 1957 using 500 cc engine motorcycles. Since 1962 they have included different engine displacements from 250cc-600cc. Due to recent technology advances towards environmentally friendly operations, the MX1 class is the premier class with two-stroke engines of up to 250 cc and four-stroke engines up to 450cc only.

The MX2 class is the smaller championship class with two-stroke engines going up to 125cc and four-stroke engines to 250cc.

The MX3 class has been canceled out altogether to accommodate environmentally friendly initiatives.

AMA Motocross Championship

The AMA Motocross Championship is an American motorcycle racing series. The series was founded by the AMA in 1972 and stood as the major outdoor motocross series in the USA. The series is one of the actual championship events hosted in the USA.

With the AMA Motocross Championships events, you can expect to see all the major riders competing against each other.

These championships stand as the most notable events in motocross, with well-known pro motocross riders attending and competing on exciting club tracks and stadiums. These championships are televised and streamed on online platforms for fans to watch.