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Super8CX is dedicated to keeping motocross fans up to date on all the latest news and insights of the sport. As an extreme sport, there are many events and activities to watch and attend in the USA.

Championships happen annually with exciting competitions and events on world-famous motocross tracks. There is something for everyone to watch with pro and amateur events taking place.

We are all about sharing our passion for motocross with other passionate enthusiasts and riders. We are dedicated to providing informative facts to our readers to stay updated on how the sport is growing.

If you want to learn more about the sport and its presence, you can visit this blog frequently for insights and history bites.

If you are a fan of motocross and want to stay in the loop of all things motocross or have something to say, visit Super8CX.

Events and Activities

As with most extreme sports, there are plenty of events and activities to attend and watch on streaming services and television. We provide information on all upcoming events and championships with frequent updates on scores and wins.

Find out more about all the clubs and teams of riders in the USA and how they are performing in events and championship series.

With all the activities happening in the motocross scene, we even provide information on how to perform at your best ability and what to focus on when only staring out with offroad bikes and motocross.

Motocross in the USA

Motocross in the USA - About Us

Motocross is one of the largest extreme sports in the USA. The sport has garnered many fans and has inspired millions of people to take up motorcycling as an off-road activity.

American brands, especially energy drinks, play a vital role in funding and sponsoring teams and riders. These brands have become household names due to fans of the sport indulging in the products.

Today, motocross stands as an essential extreme sport and should be followed as an example of how sports should grow and become more responsible towards green initiatives. Visit frequently for updated articles.